These amazing black patent-leather and suede sandals, with a yellow plexi heel by Jimmy Choo are outrageously hot.  Not only do they look absolutely amazing, but to add that wow factor, these heels light up with every foot step you take, because they come with a battery-operated illuminated neon-pink platform they are sure to be the ultimate eye catcher. 

The sandal is open toe, with suede straps and a back zip style.  The heel of these sandals measures approximately 5 inches with a 1 inch platform.  A  non-chargeable battery is used to power the  lights inside the neon-pink, black and white platform. (note: this battery is non-replaceable, but will last about 100hrs. of continuous use)  A neon-yellow, black and white lucite heel add the finishing touches.  


I am pretty traditional in my style.  I like clean, classic lines, and I am a big fan of black.  Every now and then though, I find the need to take a walk on the other side of the street, a walk in someone elses shoes if you will.  This amazing wedge by hard-to-find Danish brand Friis & Company is the perfect shoe for expressing your funkier side!  Brown leather caps the toe and heel and trims the black upper.   This bootie is so delightfully versatile, it opens the door to endless pairing possibilities.  A beautiful wood-grained sole and brass hardware are eye-catching, and add to the overall flavor of this hip bootie.  The white laces give these shoes the feel of ol’ school roller skates, which I like.   If you have lost a bit of your swagger, lace these bad boys up and get it back.

I am loving these new Lanvin, Swarovski crystal-embellished leather sandals. I am inspired by the beautiful, rich leather that just makes me want to touch these shoes. Lanvin has added some industrial touches, which give these heels a sexy, sultry edge. I just had to find an image of these shoes that would highlight the beautiful heel on this shoe, and the great overall back view, which allows a look at the nuts and bolts details, and leopard print platform.

Gotta love a shoe that makes your legs look even better from the back and draws the eye to your sexy ankle.  The hinge details and all the hardware add a bit of excitement and make the straps very interesting.   The overall design and attention to detail is so precise and the end product is just absolutely flawless.

Summer Fun with Espadrilles

The weather here in California has been a little off-and-on lately, but a hint of summer is definitely in the air. When temp reach those high heights, you need to pull out your coolest summer accessories. Few things say that Summer has officially arrived, in a fashion sense, more than the espadrille shoe.

For as long as I can remember, as the weather grows warmer, espadrille sandals aren’t too far behind. Today’s designers have put a new and more sophisticated spin on the espadrille sandal, with amazing results. Pull out your favorite Summer dress, or those old denim shorts and rock one of these awesome looks for the seasons warm weather.

Ana Locking

Maybe you are already a big fan of Ana Locking, maybe your closet is full of her unique shoe designs and this post is old news to you.  As for me, being new to the world of fashion/shoe blogging, I am always coming across designers I have never heard of, as there are just so many names to wade through, in the world of designer shoes.  Because I am still very new to this, I always get a thrill of excitement upon finding a new designer to love.  It’s always a good experience for me, seeing which direction a particular designer will take a popular trend, or whether they will follow the seasons trends at all.  This summer, and going into Fall, I plan on intensifying my search for new-to-me designers, so that I can bring you my best picks, fresh from the runway, and hopefully turn you on to some new talent as well. 

Prada Python MaryJane Boots

I must admit that when I first saw the Mary Jane boots from Prada in tan/red, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  I know many people are in love with any and everything  Prada, but I just wasn’t convinced.  The python version has brought me on board.  Snakeskin is always a bonus, no matter the item, I just love the exotic look and feel.  These boots are daring, and demure all at the same time.  If you are the type of girl who likes to make a statement, then these Python Mary Jane boots are going to help you capture the spotlight.

For the Love of Wedges

I love wedges.  There is just something very funky and hip about them, no matter their color or the material used.  I love that you can gets lots of height, show off lots of leg, yet still manage to be comfortable in them.  Yeah, I’m definitely on board with the wedges.   This Summer, I plan to wear lots of shorts and mini-dresses, so wedges will be just the right thing to set off my Summer outfits.  I may have to pull my ol’ thigh buster out to do them justice, but the right pair of wedges would totally be worth it.  I’ve got my eye on a few for sure…

Gianmarco Lorenzi



Proenza Schouler

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