Take A Glance at the New Louis V’s!

When it comes to luxury brands, few are as synonomous with the term as Louis Vuitton. Taking a brief glance at his offerings for Fall 2011 will quickly reveal why this brand is still one of the most sought after all over the world. If you are a fan of high heels, which is a reasonable assumption since you’re reading this, you will undoubtedly be blown away by the sheer sexiness and mystery of the shoe collection for Fall.My favorite is the blue suede sandal with the HAWT beaded accent on the back of the shoe–say it with me–FAB-U-LOUS! As a playful touch, these Gold and Crimson heels have a special element to the design. You have to look carefully, but notice that the back of the shoe is actually a Zebra…love quirkly touches like that!The Oriental design of the wedge heels is accented by gorgeous black crystals and a suede ankle tie, and are the essence of the Vuitton mystique. I’ll have to do another post soon on the purses from the 2011 Fall line…they absolutely deserve the spotlight ALL to themselves!


Sneak Peek-Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

No wonder Christian Louboutin’s name is synonymous with wicked shoe game. If you were starting to tire of the spiked trend, perhaps you’ll change your tune after taking a gander at these babies! These glitzy pumps have a little disco meets punk rocker vibe to me, and I absolutely love the graduated colors of the Swarovski crystals.

The gold is the perfect contrast for theses colors, and these pumps would add needed edge to a boring wardrobe. The heels are ultra high, and super sexy, which is a Louboutin trademark. This is our first peek at his collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, and I am loving what I see so far!

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

I really hate when I see a pair of shoes I love and I can’t figure out who the heck the designer is. This has happened to me again to day, grrr! These fantastic nude pumps, with a…shall we say “basket” style upper?..are worn by Will Smith’s Ex, Sheree Zampino. I love this type of heel, and the leather is beautiful. Does anyone out there in the blogosphere know who the designer could be? Since Will Smith is the celebrity and not Sheree, it’s been hard to find any info on her style, but this whole outfit needs to be MINE!

No Fan of White Shoes

But I really love these Alexander McQueen Resin leaf, satin silk-toe pumps. Just typing out the name of these beauties gives me a thrill. I love the name, I love the concept, and I really love how these shoes really pay homage to the genius that was Mr. Alexander McQueen. I love designs that push the envelope ever so slightly, and McQueen was known for his elegant yet edgy designs. Now, I am no fan of white shoes, as I’ve stated, but that’s only because they’re usually some Easter Sunday nightmare. These white shoes, though…this is how you do a white shoe. The slender heel is especially sexy and the leaf makes the back of the shoe a miniature work of art. If you’ve read my posts you’ll know I love shoes that draw the eye to the ankle and calf, so these really hit it out of the park on that one. What do you think?