Some Tribal Funk from L.A.M.B

Over at L.A.M.B. they did a really great job of showcasing interesting colors in their Summer shoe line.  Not only are the colors bright and interesting, the patterns and details of the shoe remind me of being on an ultra glamorous safari.   Many people were surprised that L.A.M.B. has done as well as it has, but by now that wonder should have worn off, as each season Gwen Stefani and her design team continue to produce inspiring footwear.  I have many favorites from her Summer line, especially some of the animal prints, which everyone can’t do well.  I think I’ll pair the leopard print heels with a HOT red dress!  I’ll be ready to pounce in these!  I just love shoes that are sexy, edgy and funky and L.A.M.B. has hit all the right spots for me.