Rock & Republic

Known more for their fabulously funky denim, than for their footwear, Rock & Republic has done a fine job creating some lust worthy shoes for women this season. In keeping with their rock tinged aesthetic, there are lots of chains, netting and leather straps. This could come off as sorda kitschy, but they don’t over do it, so this issue is largely avoided.   The lace up Landan booties, remind me of a corset, and they are also available in a soft grey if red isn’t your color.  The ankle straps on the Aria, shown here in cream, are also available in several colors, including a pretty lilac, done in ruched fabric instead of leather.

I like shoes from Rock & Republic because they are typically sexy and fun. Best of all, though they are in-line with all the current trends, their shoes are often much less expensive than many of their counterparts. You can get a rockin’ (excuse the pun) pair of stillettos, for hundreds less than say Louboutin, or Jimmy Choo. If you consider your personal style to be a bit edgy, you will definately find a pair of shoes to love in the new  Rock & Republic offerings this season.