The Heel-less shoe trend

Okay, this isn’t exactly a new trend…Lady Gaga was the first I noticed wearing the heel-less shoe back in 2007, but it seems the look is finally catching on with the rest of the show loving world.  They are not for everybody, as evidenced by Royce from BBW Miami, but some people can pull of this ultra modern look pretty well.  This pair is from the newest video by R&B vixen Keyshia Cole.  They are Guiseppi Zanotti, and they are fabulous.  I love how the crystals give the subtle impression that the shoe is changing colors. 

I bet they look even better in real-life…sigh.Image


Guiseppe Zanotti Cut-Out Wedge Sandals

I love, love, love these wedge cut-out sandals by GZ!  They are so funky and hip and totally my style…alas…at $652 they are also totally out of my reach! 


These wedges feature rich black suede accented by gold leather, a gold leather platform, and a gold metal buckle closure.  Maybe I can just skip rent this month?  I’m sure my landlord will hardly notice!

Bollywoody Suede- Christian Louboutin

Okay, after my post yesterday about the Louboutin Cinderella heels, I needed a bit of a palette cleanser.  I thinks these babies will do the trick!



I saw these first on Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl, and I love them!  They’re like a fancy, high-heeled version of those little Asian slippers everyone used to wear.  They are great for summer too, with all those beautiful colors and the gorgeous suede.  Mr. Louboutin, you are forgiven! 

Cinderella Shoe/Chritian Louboutin

Now like almost every girl out there, I love me some Christian Louboutins!  However…

I don’t know what in the tacky, quinceanera, hell Mr. Louboutin was thinking when he created this Cinderella shoe for Disney.


Now I know every girl dreams of being a princess,  but really…sparkly butterflies on shoes for a grown-ass woman is rarely a good look.  These shoes are less Cinderella, than Glenda the damn good witch.

What’s worse is I know they cost more than my rent.

Kim Kardashian In Miami

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, the reality-tv star has got a great sense of style!  While many were drooling over Kim’s curves, I was drooling over what’s on her feet!  Even over at her own site, the talk of these pictures was the amazing shoe’s Kim was wearing.


These are by fellow star Gwen Stefani and her company L.A.M.B.  I love the black and white, which kind reminds me of a sixties Mod thing.  Best of all L.A.M.B shoes are actually pretty affordable, these retail for about $320.  They are available in tan and brown as well, but the contrast of the black and white looks waaay better.


Who’s checking for these?

I get wanting to have the perfect show for <em>any</em>occasion, but damn!  These fugly azz shoes really take the cake.  I blame the folks who brought us CROCS, as they really are the genesis of all this foolishness.  SIGH.  The sad part is that somebody, somewhere IS going to drop hard-earned cash to purchase these! Even sadder, is some young designer is sitting there dying for a chance to get his/her real designs in a store like this, and these monstrosities are taking up space!  Oh the humanity!

Back On My Feet

So I haven’t posted in a looong while, but I couldn’t stay away much longer!  I am going to be posting hot and heavy over the next few weeks to make up for lost time. If you love shoes as much as I do, stop by again in the next few weeks for some truly lust worthy selections.  Thanks for stopping by!

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